You’ve seen them before! Have you ever watched a YouTube video and had an ad play before the video started? YouTube is now extending this ad feature to publishers!

True View in-stream Ads

How do TrueView in-stream Ads work?

The ads are typically 30 seconds long and are relevant to your video based on the title, tags, description & comments. The user has the option to skip the add but if they choose to view the entire ad it counts as a click to your account. What does that mean to your bottom line? Well it probably will differ for each account. Because the video is relevant it’s seems to be welcomed my many users and so every one is a winner the advertiser, the user & the publisher!

How Much More do I make?

Another user had commented that they made in one day what they had made the MONTH before. YouTube seems to be extending the option to more and more users so it will be interesting to see how the program will change as millions of users decide to monetize their videos.

UPDATE: Now that the holidays are over it appears that In-Stream ads don’t have the punch that they once did, but they still provide better performance than overlay ads.

One response to “TrueView in-stream Ads”

  1. ddubbua says:

    The Superbowl made it feel like it was Christmas again on youtube. Goes to show that the Google ads marketplace is a fair and free market. When their is a high demand the costs per click go way up!

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