10,000 Adsense Impressions 1 Year Later

Adsense Techniques

I started doing Adsense advertising on my sites a year ago. I was pretty excited about the first 12 cents I made in a day and even more excited after my first 10,000 adsense impressions where I found that the advertising would make enough money to cover my hosting and domains each year.

Hosting and Domains aren’t the only costs to be considered when making websites, the highest cost is labor, and I’ve found that it takes quite a bit of labor to make a successful adsense website, just as it is for any other website. So for the first year, you might make a profit, but unless your planning on having these sites go on for longer than the first year, you’d make more money getting a part time job delivering Pizzas.

Successful Adsense techniques

Hard to get links.

The best links that will provide the best traffic involve interaction with real human beings. Don’t shy away from links that require moderation for approval, these are the best links.

New Posts for the Newest Products and Ideas

The most successful posts I’ve made this year have been published on the day that new products were announced. If you’re one of the first top publish on a search phrase like a new product such as the Traxxas Spartan, you’ll be rewarded with high rankings and traffic.

Forums for Links

It’s always amazing to see what topics can still generate large audiences when the whole world has access to the forum. So even my niches like RC Trucks or High Powered LED Flashlights have thousands and thousands of individuals talking about them each day. If you join in the conversation and give your 2 cents on your site, people will be happy to come to your site and see what you have to say.

I think these forums go along well with the tactic of posting on new products, as it’s typical practice for chatter to appear on forums when new products are released.

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