What Everyone Should Know about Photography

Photography is a deep subject but to get started you just need to know some Photography Essentials. Photography is a real simple idea- everyone can take photos if they know what their camera is doing, and if they become aware of what they are doing; if they just know a few photography essentials.

My first really productive experience with photography was my pet project for a Design class. We were each given a “pet”. In my case I chose from the table a glass candle holder.
photography essentials

Essential Photography Lesson 1 – Understand Design Principles

The same things that make things in real life look good are the same things that make photography look good- balance, symmetry, contrast, focus & harmony. Look around an find things in life that are doing a great job of demonstrating these principles and take pictures of them. In my case I’d take my candle holder and put it in circumstances where it would shine: where it would be contrasted with other elements or be in balance with other elements or itself.

Principle of Design - Motion

Know your CameraEssential Photography Lesson 2 – Know what your Camera is Doing

You camera just captures light for a moment and that light becomes a photograph. You should learn about aperture & shutter speed to know how it manages to do this. Once you know about aperture and shutter speed it’s essential that you learn how to adjust these settings and why you’d wan to adjust them. If you always use auto, you’ll always get the shots that the camera wants rather than the shots that you want.



Essential Photography Lesson 3 – You get better with Practice. Love doing Photography!

From my pet project I learned that my good photos all came at the end. I took hundreds and hundreds of photos. I don’t recommend you take hundreds of photos for the sake of getting all those photos under your belt. Shoot each one as that it’s the one that counts, the one you’re going to turn in, or the one you’re going to publish.

In my case I got tired of just shooting a boring candle holder. So I looked around at other things that were interesting and combined them with my pet project.


Practice Photography Essentials

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