The computer I strap to my wrist

I’ve had the pebble smart watch for about three months now, it’s probably the electronic device I’ve been most excited about since the iPod touch/iPhone was first released, it’s a game changer.

So what it does is real simple. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with your watch. So any heavy processing happens on your phone; it’s really just a second display with buttons or a remote. What makes it so unique is that you strap it to your wrist.


As I said before, the hardware on the pebble is pretty simple, what’s smart about this smartwatch is that they were smart enough to make it a watch, something so intimate and easy to work with. On the hardware you’ll find:

Revolution watchface on pebbletext message

  • E-Paper Display with backlight
  • Accelerometer
  • 7 Day battery
  • Magnometer
  • Ambient Light sensor
  • Bluetooth

They didn’t over complicate it the first time around with a touch display. Pebble has just 4 buttons. I haven’t had any gripes about that. It makes it easy to operate with gloves (something I wear a lot in Idaho), and as long as app creators are smart with their UI’s there’s plenty you can do. It’s not meant to replace your smart watch, just replace the things you do most with you smartwatch (time, notifications, even respond with short texts).


SDK / Two-way Communication

Runkeeper on pebbleWhen the SDK first came out it allowed for a flood of new watchfaces. I twas nice to get all the different ways of seeing the time, but two-way communication has really changed apps in the last few weeks. Two way communication is what allows you to use your pebble as a remote to do just about anything. For example with runkeeper you can start and pause your workout. Convenient when you need to stop at a crosswalk. Seeing the data on your wrist is a lot more convenient than running and trying to pull your phone out of your pocket. No need to worry about sweat either as Pebble is waterproof.  See my video review of runkeeper pebble app.

Two way communication has allowed for the two apps I’ve been most excited about: Glance & Cycle computer. Glance allows you at a glance to see both the time, weather & date at a glance. It also allows you to create quick responses to text messages. Pebble cycle computer allows you to get info that you would tyipcally get on a GPS on your watch. Best part is on android it’s smart enough to know when you are cycling and starts up the app on your watch automatically.

2 way communication on pebble weather on pebble


It’s not finished yet

One of the best things about the pebble is that it’s evolving. In the last three months tons has been added to the watch:

  • Backlight doesn’t come on if the ambient light sensor tells it not too
  • Tons of 3rd party watchfaces have been made available due to the release of the watchface SDK
  • Support to see multiple notifications
  • Enhancements to the Menu trees.
  • 2 way communication has allowed you to do even more from your wrist.

They haven’t even made it so that developers can take advantage of all of the sensors on the hardware. There’s still the magnetometer, ambient light sensor, & accelerometer to be unlocked that will surly bring even more creative and innovative apps to pebble.

I recommend Pebble 100%. You can preorder now at

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