Dropbox IdeasDropbox is a fantastic tool for cloud services that allows you to keep files in sync across multiple computer & devices or to share large files. The files are encrypted and so the service is supposedly very secure. For free plans they only start you off at 2GB but you can gain an extra 250mb for each person you refer.

In case you don’t think your life could be any better by using dropbox here are a few things I use it for every day, some that you’ve probably thought of and some that are thinking “outside the box”.

  1. Sharing large files using the public folder.
  2. Sharing project files for collaboration.
  3. Sharing a website dev environment (used together with WAMP or MAMP)
  4. Accessing important files from a mobile device.
  5. Keeping files that you want to have available on any computer or device.
  6. Adding photos from your phone or mobile device to your computer (in place of USB cord)

I’d love to hear any other ideas out there. I’m also curious how Dropbox compares to SugarSync and how many of theses tasks SugarSync can also do as they give you 5GB right out of the box and 500 MB for each person you refer!

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