Ipad 2I happened to be in California the day the iPad 2 was released. I went to order and found the wait to be around 4 weeks. That night I was pleasantly surprised that although I only arrived 20 minutes early to a Verizon store I was second in line and assured I’d get an iPad. For the next week the iPad continued to surprise me.

Battery Life

Battery life was the most surprising feature of the iPad. You wouldn’t think that something so thin would go for 10 hours but the fact is it goes for even more. I would play a game for hours with intense graphics to find less than a 10th of my battery used.


I was surprised how little data I would use while surfing the web and streaming music using pandora for hours. Unless you love your video, 1 gig should be plenty for most users.

Why I love my iPad 2

It holds my fork tight with it’s magnets so it doesn’t fall. It’s optimized to do what I want it to do using little energy and data while delivering a superb and flawless user experience. The smart cover makes for a convent way to turn your iPad on and off while protecting it. It’s a solid package. If you are in the market for a tablet it’s a no brainer.

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