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App Problem

The Keyboard covers the splash screen so you can't use the program if you accidentally exit.

I was wanting to find an app that could turn my iPod into a trackpad as the magic track pad goes for $68. Apps that turn your iOS device into a trackpad are much cheaper, starting free and topping out around $5.

In the end I found that while it’s cool to use your iPhone or iPod as a mouse, the screen size and iOS features limit the trackpad functionality and an iOS device can’t be used as a replacement for the magic trackpad.


App Pros:

  • Quick connection. Install the software on your computer and the iOS finds your computer lickity split.
  • A lot of what you love. It double clicks with two fingers, scrolls with two fingers plus it will zoom in and out by pinching or anti-pinching.

App Cons:

  • The whole trackpad can’t click and so you have to click the on screen button to click & drag which I was never able to pull off successfully. Obviously this is just a limitation of the hardware.
  • Doesn’t work with keyboard combinations. I always use the apple key with a click to select multiple options or to open link in a new window. You can’t do that with this app.
  • STAY IN THE APP! If you leave the app then reopen it you’ll see the upgrade screen, but the keyboard covers it. You’ve got to completely log out of the app (pullup the multitasking list and remove the program) to use it again.
  • Multitasking Bar. If you start at the top and move your mouse down this will bring up the iOS multitasking screen. Can’t blame the app for this, just a disadvantage of an app over the trackpad.

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