I’ve been using adsense for over a year now. Mostly to justify hobbies. When I was sent an invitation to participate in Adsense for YouTube I was excited and the prospect of, well, making more money! Specifically making money off of YouTube videos. Now that I’ve tried the program for a couple months most of the mystery is gone so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

Youtube Adsense

How much can I expect to make from Adsense for YouTube?

The platform of YouTube certainly gives you more exposure. The amount of income on video per 1,000 views as compared to 1,000 web page views is considerably lower? How much lower? In my case a good day is making $3 per 1,000 views. On a website that value is closer to $10 or $17 per 1,000 views.  And you don’t get to keep all of the $3. Since your video & is being hosted and served by YouTube they take a cut that amounts to around 10% of your earnings. That’s 10% taken out after Google Adsense takes out their portion for administering the ads that are placed on your video.

How does one qualify for Adsense for Youtube?

It’s pretty simple, even I could qualify! You just have to have a couple videos with over 1,000 views. I was sent an invitation but you can also request your account to be reviewed to see if you qualify. You’ve got to have a clean account: no copy right infringement, or questionable material although I’m sure what is questionable is up for debate in the eye’s of Google.

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