I love the Magic Trackpad with all of it’s cool gestures but wasn’t excited about the $69 price tag. So I tried some apps to turn iOS devices into a trackpad. I learned those apps weren’t a real solution.Magic Trackpad

I’ve been dealing with a slight bit of carpal tunnel and figured if the trackpad would help with that situation it would be worth the $69. A week later I haven’t seen much relief, but it’s been very nice to use my left hand to do things when my right hand begins to ache. It seems much easier to be ambidextrous with the trackpad than it is with a mouse.

My biggest concern going into using the trackpad on a regular basis was the idea that the whole trackpad is a button. I love my trackpad on my 2007 Macbook Pro. I was actually concerned about upgrading to a newer macbook because I wasn’t sure if I’d like the idea of the whole trackpad being a button, mostly for the sake of clicking and dragging.

If you have the same concern you’ll be pleased to know that it take no time at all to get used to and it’s far better than the trackpad on my 2007 Macbook pro. I’m amazed how small my MBP trackpad looks now! For clicking and dragging it’s still just as possible to use one finger to depress the trackpad and another to drag, but it’s often easier to just push and drag with one finger. So much so, that I found my self trying to push and drag on my old trackpad. That’s when I realized I was hooked! I always hated using windows trackpads before. Now the situation will be even worse.

The quality of the trackpad makes it worth the $69. Probably why you see that most reviews are 4 or 5 stars whereas the Apple batteries and cords get 2 stars on average with high prices and low durability. The aluminum is beautiful and the glass is perfectly crafted to make it as easy as possible to point and click and drag & drop. The magic trackpad is a purchase that you wont regret!


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