case crown open mac Macbook Air Case

There’s not much to a Macbook air, but somehow there is a lot to love. I was thinking about how I could do a review on the Air, but you could find those anywhere. When people see the air, I get compliments on the case that holds it just as much as I do on the machine. People probably comment even more so on the case, so I thought it’d take a minute to review the CaseCrown Book Cover Clip On Case for my 13 Inch Apple MacBook Air.


  • It’s a great value for ~$20.
  • Does a great job protecting the machine when it’s closed.
  • It’s easy enough to take off when you want just the air.
  • Magnet latch is nice & secure


  • If left on when the computer is open it tends to pull the shell open as much as possible.
  • Magnet latch can get in the way of trackpad in certain positions.
  • Air will cool better without it. Luckily it’s easy to take off, just make sure it’s in a safe location!

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