LCD or Plasma?Choosing LCD or plasma is probably the most common question when looking for a new TV. Each has it’s own pros and cons so here they are broken down pure and simple.


The LED LCD digital TVs build on all of the pros of the LCD TVs with no cons other than the higher cost. The pros above LCD TV’s are:

  • Even more Efficient
  • Incredibly thin, at least 1/2 the thickness of LCD TVs

LCD Pros

  • Can be positioned or tilted however you like.
  • Longer Life than Plasma
  • Used to have a poor viewing angle, but it’s improved radically

LCD Cons

  • Used to have a poor viewing angle, but it’s improved radically
  • More costly in larger sizes

Plasma Pros

  • A better value in sizes 42″ and above
  • Helps heat your home in the winter
  • Distinct Picture quality

Plasma Cons

  • Puts out a lot of heat
  • Consumes a lot of energy
  • Glass covering can cause glare
  • Cannot be tilted, even when being moved.
  • Short lifespan (many extended warranties only cover for 1-3 years)

Along with the pros and cons of each technology it’s important to note when buying a tv that all brands are not created equally. An Emerson from Walmart is not going to have the quality picture of a Samsung from a quality electronics store.

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