WP-Cycle Screenshot with Alt TagsTo date the jquery cycle has been the most useful slideshow I’ve ever used. It’s highly customizable and I’ve customized it for projects like Monkey Bar Storage and GKS Windows and Doors. I was excited to start using the WordPress plugin version WP-Cycle. Unfortunately the plugin was missing an essential element of SEO: alt and title tags.

Matt Jensen has modified the plugin to add a field in the backend where you can add the alt text to each image. I modified the plugin a little more so that the same alt tag will also print as the title. So here’s they “Yummy SEO” WP-Cycle Plugin:

wp-cycle with alt tags

It won’t allow me make custom menus or use rollovers, but it’s a very nice and quick way to implement a sideshow onto a website that’s highly editable by the site owner. Plus the search engines will eat it up.

4 responses to “jQuery WP-Cycle Plugin with Alt Tags”

  1. Jim Wilkerson says:

    Looks like the original author (Nathan Rice) came out with an update to WP-Cycle (since that does not include alt tag capabilities. Wondering if maybe your Matt Jensen connection may be coming out with an updated version that does? Do you have a website or contact info for him?…searched but couldnt find him.

    Are you still using the alt tag version with the 2 sites mentioned above also?


    • ddubbua says:

      I can combine the new plugin with the magic for alt and title this weekend and post it. My guess is the plugins just been updated to include the latest jQuery cycle file.

  2. Debajyoti Banerjee says:

    Awesome. Working perfectly with WordPress 3.3.1, Genesis 1.7 and Enterprise Child theme. Thank you very much.

  3. csselite says:

    In that new extended (original too … I think) there is one missing line.

    If you want to have pager working properly make sure you find this bit:

    and make sure it goes like:

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    .cycle({ …and so.

    Maybe is worth a shot to add checkbox “pager” in settings that includes:
    befor .cycle ?

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