I’m a newby to the iPhone although I’ve been able in the past to try out different iPhone cameras. It’s a very convenient camera to always have in your pocket! I’d say the $200 price is worth it just for the smart camera.


On this trip, the panoramic feature on the iPhone 5s was especially useful.

large iphone 5c panarama

The panoramic mode has you put your phone portrait and scan the terrain. Since the phone is portrait and you scan landscape it results in a whole lot of pixels. I’ve linked each photo to the photo from the camera so that you can see the details of all the pixels. The photo above is 18+ megapixels.

If you don’t scan the terrain perfectly you’ll get a result like the photo below. The unfinished corners can be easily cropped, so it’s not a bad way to handle user error. It’s fantastic that each piece gets fused together perfectly with no noticeable processing time.

Unsteady Panarama


iPhone 5s Photo with HDR

iPhone 5s Photo without HDR HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a fantastic feature on the iPhone 5s that’s been on the iPhone for awhile. What happens is that the photo is taken at various exposures to get a perspective that is closer to what you would perceive with your eyes.

This isn’t much different than the way than the iPhone camera now takes all photos. The camera actually will take multiple stills and select the best, this is done without you even knowing that other photos were taken!

The option is also there to take both normal photos and HDR at the same time in case you want to go with the standard version.

Can you tell which is the HDR photo? Take a close look at the clouds, can you tell which has more detail? That’s the HDR photo.

Less Detail without HDR on photo from iphone 5sHDR subtle details


If you’re still having a hard time seeing the difference take a look at the photo below:

HDR Clouds VS non HDR Clouds

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