Webfaction PricesIn college I was asked to you GoDaddy. Then I was excited to try iPage at a lower cost and slightly higher performance. Luckily by the time my 2 years at $3.50/mo with iPage were up and the price was getting upped to $7.99/mo I had learned how to migrate websites to new servers. The servers I chose were Webfaction servers.

The cost is actually lower than iPage after the iPage’s introductory period. If you pay 5 years up front the cost is as low as $5.50/mo. Lower than iPage with just a 2 Year commitment.

What I didn’t like about iPage

The price there wasn’t much disappointing about iPage. They have good service in that they answered the live chat quickly although they often seemed scripted and I wasn’t sure if I was talking to somebody United States. My biggest concern about iPage: I did get a few clients complained about performance. All of the clients that had the biggest issue seem to be from California so perhaps it was a regional issue.

Why Webfaction?

I helped manage Webfaction accounts and I really like the interface; it was familiar to me. What impressed me the most was the performance. When I used  Webfaction servers and updated WordPress it updated quicker than many other hosting accounts. It seemed with Go Daddy and iPage it would often take a long time to get the website going. That first Pageload is crucial. I was tired of seeing 0.00 time spent on a website in analytics. With shared hosting you always seem to be at the mercy of whoever else is on your server, but Webfaction does a good job of keeping their servers from being overloaded.

So in the end I could get better performance from a Webfaction account but then I could also get it at a cheaper cost than iPage could offer long term. The customer service for iPage was nice, but for me it was more about performance. I could handle most of the issues that come up with the server so I wasn’t too worried about having me service request. In terms of customer service do I wasn’t worried about Webfaction as much because they seem to allow more access to  their servers but with iPage they seemed to constrain you and your options.

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