If you’re apps keep crashing on your iPhone or iPad it’s a fairly easy fix. Have you ever been told to restart your computer when you’re having issues? It’s the same idea with apps. Apple changed it’s operating system a year or two ago to allow you to multitask and keep apps in the RAM.

iOS apps keep Crashing

What happens when this RAM gets full is that apps start to not run as well and some tend to fail or crash. The solution is simple when you know the cause: just clear the ram by shutting down unnecessary apps. I’m always interested to see people that have never seen this list and don’t know it exists. Apple tries to keep their products simple by not having a long user manual and thus features like this are often times overlooked by less curious users.

If you don’t know how to access the list of apps as seen above you can double click the home screen on your iPhone or iPad or on the iPad you can do an upward swipe using four fingers. The list of apps is with the most recently used app towards the beginning of the list.  You can remove the programs from ram just as you would remove the entire app from your device: hold down on one of the apps for a couple seconds and you’ll notice it will start to shake and have a “-” sign. By clicking that sign you’ll remove the app from RAM and you’ll notice that the apps that are running will run better as they have more easy access to RAM. If a iOS app keeps crashing even after shutting down other apps you can restart the app using this same process of removing it from the ram and then opening the app once more just as you would with restarting a computer (only much faster).

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