As a web designer I’ve been able to have experience with a with a wide variety of hosting providers and found it’s hard to find good value hosting. I’ve read all the articles about ***Sucks, Company X VS Company & written some too. After all my good an bad experiences with hosting I’ve come to the conclusion that good web hosting doesn’t come cheap! In fact, if you’re paying under $7/mo for your hosting and spend anytime on your own website, at some point you’re probably going to think to yourself, or more likley out loud, “My Hosting Sucks!”. And chances are you’ll be right.

Companies like GoDaddy provide cheap hosting and tout high uptime numbers when in reality they have their servers so loaded that most users are never going to stick around to see your webpage load. The bottom line is that if you or your business depend on the web you’ll need to be spending at least $20/mo on web hosting. You won’t be getting the most economic deal, but you’ll be getting the best webhosting value.

So the best value I know of is Rackspace hosting via Barton Consulting starting around $24/mo. The best part we (yes, I work there too) manage everything for you so you don’t need to know anything about setting up virtual machines are hard rebooting a server. If you prefer to manage everything your self than maybe you’d like to check out webfaction.

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