HELP Fire fox keeps crashingYour productivity drops dramatically when Firefox keeps crashing so I was determined to find a fix.

UPDATE: In my case the problem was firebug. When a update for firebug came out my problem was fixed. I still recommend taking a look at your profile if your Firefox install keeps crashing even after reinstalling as everything pertaining to your computer is stored in your profile.

The solution lies within your profile. Did you know you had a profile? It’s a folder that stores everything unique to your browser and you can access it by going to the help menu then to “Troubleshooting information”. From there you’ll see a link under Application Basics to show your profile in the Finder.

Show Firefox Profile

I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that I removed that kept Firefox from continuing to crash, but I took a good look at the directory and removed everything that I knew I wasn’t using such as plugins or addons that I had already uninstalled such as Fire Uploader & SEO quake. The result is that Firefox doesn’t crash anymore! I’m thrilled. Here’s the problems I was having so that you can diagnose whether or not this fix will help you:

Firefox would crash whenever I tried to open just about anything using flash. Firefox would crash when I tried to open pages with a lot of javascript. An of course Firefox would keep crashing when it was least convenient.

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